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Young and Innocent 3










Dolphin Entertainment


Those hot Russian boys are back with their big dicks again in Young & Innocent 3, this time in an beautiful excursion through the great outdoors. A car pulls up to a mountain cabin, and hot, buffed Uriy hops out to seduce the dark-haired hunk Evgeniy. Uriy cums while Evigniy is fingering his hole, then lets his buddy mount him doggy-style for a solid fuck until his pal splashes on his butt. Two boys, the lanky Vitaliy K. and the smaller Andrew, find a hay mound to suck and fuck. They give each other extended blowjobs, and while Vitaliy is servicing Andrew, Alexander D comes across the field on this big red horse, spots the boys, hops off, and starts to wank. Andrew bends over and Vitaliy fucks him with Andrew staying hard as a rock throughout. Three impressive cumshots result. Little Sasha is adorable in his blue baseball cap and he wanks to orgasm. Danko and Tema make out as Tema brings Danko off in nice streams, and then he mounts his pal doggy-style until he cums copiously. Alexander returns with Andrey, who sucks Alexander's prick until he brings him off, before creaming as well. Coverboy Andrey K. is fishing when Andrew and Vitaliy arrive. Andrew cums all over Andrey's shoulder and Vitaliy spills his seed on Andrey's cheeks. Then Andrey K. and Alexander L. meet up by the lake, fire blazing. Alexander attacks Andrey's dick with his lips, tongue, mouth and throat, before offering up his luscious butt to his new pal. Andrey cums, and then stands behind Alexander as he shoots a nice load.

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