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Wrestler for Hire



90 min.







Jet Set


What better fantasy than to open your local paper and find an ad for Brett Mycles as a wrestler available for private bouts? Brett's first client is blond bodybuilder Tony Z., and Tony's got more on his mind than wrestling. Do you blame him? After clearing out the living room furniture and setting up some mats, Tony has Brett pose in an assortment of sexy swim and workout gear. After finally deciding on a hot pink pouch bikini, he starts to oil up Brett's ripped and ready musculature. But when Tony reaches for the “grand prize”, Brett stops him cold. He makes it clear that for Tony to get the "prize", he's got to win the match. Talk about incentive! Tony is an experienced wrestler, but Brett's mass and stamina tire him out in three grueling rounds. And when Brett comes out on top, he shows Tony what he's missing with an impressive jack-off. Telling Tony to call any time he wants a re-match, Brett leaves him to jerk off by himself. Next up, in his video debut, is Shane Steele. With model-handsome looks, piercing eyes and a lean, ripped body, Shane is another gem in the Jet Set treasure trove. Showing up for a workout at the gym, he wonders what all the mats are about. Coming out of the shower, Brett explains his "profession" and that he's just finished up with a client. Claiming to be a wrestler himself, Shane decides it's worth the money to go up against Brett. Shane is fast and nimble and manages to maneuver Brett's thick muscles into some serious distress. But like a truck hitting a sports car, when Brett gets in gear, it's all over for Shane. Their best-of-three tumble includes plenty of hot, naked submission hold action followed by a jack-off duel.

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