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Have you ever wondered about the two men deep in the bowels of a U.S. nuclear weapons hangar? What do they do during the long hours they sit at the control panel? Wonder no more! This video is a sexual expose of a top secret US missile facility and the men who man it.
A new soldier is welcomed on board and works his first shift alone, but collapses and dreams that he is having sex with another soldier.
When he wakes up, the man in his dream is standing there, waiting for him to wake up with the other soldiers to cancel his shift. The next shift begins, and since sitting around watching monitors is boring, the two start fucking and sucking each other off.
In the gym, the new soldier helps one of his buddies and gives him face-fucking, anal, and cunnilingus on his chest. Welcome to the base!" .
The recruit wakes up again and is shown where the missiles are stored. He is impressed by something big and hard; a third pony-tailed radical shows up and joins him for a threesome: 69, daisy-chain, face-fucking, doggie-style anal, and finally semi-circle cumming together.
When they are on guard, they have to launch a nuclear missile, and since they don't know if the outside world is still alive, they go at it like there's nothing else to live for. In the shower room, they clean each other's penises and suck the shit out of each other.
In the end, the bombing was just a test, but they were rewarded for their valiant efforts. The new recruits masturbate and accidentally pour liquid on all the computers, and this time they really do launch a missile.

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