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The Tender Age










Dolphin Entertainment


Russia is the setting once again for The Tender Age 1. Under a canopy of tall trees and blue skies, Victor and Tema heat up the campsite first. They exchange lusty blowjobs to start things off. Victor's tender butt soon invites, and Tema obliges with a hole-full of dick before they spout geysers of cum in a steamy climax. Hidden by a tree, Artem spies his buddies at play and fingers his heady friend to ripeness, soon erupting in erotic fantasy. Not far away, under another tree, Yuriy coddles the cotton with probing hands, massaging in moments to a stiff shaft and heavy load. Meanwhile at the campground, Andrey and Alexander are busy exchanging mouthfuls of dick-tation. Bony Alexander lips a load first then Andrey ball bangs Alexander's skinny ass to a creamy climax. Lakeside, blond beauty Dennis breaks off from fishing to spurt a milky stream. Nearby, lean and boyish Dima salivates over then get it on doggy-style until cum juice flows aplenty from each of them. Ilya, lounging in a campground tent for privacy, fingers his curvy cock to a volcanic explosion. In the video finale, Nikolay observes the guys' play from a grassy incline. They're all having fun in the water and a boner beckons. Pants are peeled, and a gooey swatch fertilizes the grass at his feet - a testicular tribute to the young Russian hotties in this dvd!

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