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Sex Machine










Bijou Gay Classics


This old-school film has plenty of energetic sex and variety. There are several layers to this nostalgic roam through the sex district of Los Angeles in the 70’s. A barker tells us to step right up to the baths, peep shows, and cruise strips. A narrator cuts in saying L.A. is certainly the place to get it all easily introducing us to the simple outline. One man cruises another and follows him into a galley of sex video machines. We hear their thoughts about each other and their commentary on the short sex clips, which make up the majority of this film. The film switches back and forth between the mustached narrator stalking his prey and the short clips they are viewing. The look is definitely dated but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in my book. As a voyeuristic fantasy this is a fun concept. Most of the men are shaggy but generally hot, or in the spirit of the film, foxy. Some of the voice-overs and dialogues are corny but fun just the same. The music for most of this film is a Brazilian influenced, hard driving, percussion filled jam. The last few scenes uses a laughable song about having “so much soul for you honey!” Scenes include: big (cut and uncut) cocks, unshaved bodies, deep throating, 69, three-way, anal and oral, jock straps, motorcycles, tattoos, outdoors, beards and mustaches galore, oodles of money shots, interracial coupling, and voyeurism. A pre-condom flick.

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