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Seamen First Class










Studio 2000


Seamen First Class. The cameras wander all over the Southern California landscape capturing its marvels and its men as three Canadian sailors get shore leave and go on the town. There's no place on earth for variety like Southern California and these three gobs want to have it all, in a mere twenty four hours. Maybe they don't manage to see everything but wherever they stop there is a tidal wave of sweaty action, a high tide of flowing juices and fountains of spurting sperm. When we first meet them, our sailors seem to have very little in common except for their uniforms. Claude Jourdan knows what he wants and it's simple. He's heading for the bars and he's going to check them out, one after another, until he finds what he is looking for-a hot man who likes a lot of sex. Pagan Prince (a STUDIO 2000 exclusive) is more the Indiana Jones type. He wants adventure and he wants to see the country, especially the desert and the flora and fauna along the way. Kevin Dean (another STUDIO 2000 exclusive immortalized with a STUDIO 2000 Virtual Reality Supercock), the third member of the trio, is in search of culture and education. No casual sex for him. He's above all that. He's after enlightenment via art, theater and the stars. Of course, if you believe that, you are a stranger to porn and to STUDIO 2000. So each of the guys goes off in pursuit of his goal.

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