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School Daze



75 min.







Fox Studio


SCHOOL DAZE was our first attempt at actually filming a story. It stars hunky Tom LeDuc as a college jock who conveniently seduces a fellow student, Rob Schott, and brings him home to Tom's off-campus dorm only to be spied on and lusted after by his horny stud, roommate, super hung Scott Pryor. Together, on their knees, both Tom And Rob provide the needed cock worship for Scott's massive throbbing hard on. But it is Rob who manages to service Scott's whopper and take his cum in what we believe to be one of the best oral sex scenes on video. Scott then turns his humongous tool on Tom Leduc's hungry body. Tom has been waiting for this probing and cannot get enough either orally or rectally. Patrick Cowley's relentless music score is perfect for this scene and musically conveys the sexual tension and ecstasy, you can almost feel it yourself ! It's a hard act to follow, but lengthy Rob finishes off the three way alone with Tom as he had originally expected. A solo named "All American Muscle" starring x-cop and competition body builder, Dave Henderson aptly finishes off this video. Originally shot and edited on 16mm film.

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