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Men Of The Midway










Bijou Gay Classics


One of the "artier" gay adult films of the early '80s, Roger Earl's much-discussed Men of the Midway gives us a glimpse into the world of traveling circuses, pre-condom rough trade, and a rare opportunity to see porn director Paul Baressi in front of the camera. In an eye-and-crotch popping segment, Baressi is a cigar smoking, foul mouthed daddy (in both senses of the word) to featured star pup Chris Burns. Baressi gives his son a couple of bitch slaps before tying and lubing him up, and probing his ass with a succession of growing-in-size dildos and selling him off to hookerville. Burns runs off with the circus, hoping for a more tranquil life. Wrong-O move, bucko. The lascivious Tim Kramer takes the young buck in, and pawns him off to a big black stud, who fucks Burns under the big top within an inch of his life. It's one of the film's best sequences. Next up is a surreal segment in another tent involving Burns, Kramer and a couple of carnie leathermen. Kramer tries extorting money from the circus owner, who in turn pawns him off on a group of circus performers who, fed up with Kramer's deeds, toss him around like a rag doll, feeding him their sweaty, massive tentpoles of love in a slimy, cum-eating climax.

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