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Magnum Griffin 3










Bijou Gay Classics


Set in San Francisco, this all-action video has four scenes. Brian and Vaughn feature a willing man being choked with a dildo by his hairy and bearded partner at one of San Francisco`s popular bathhouses. Long-dicking the guy`s throat is a highlight before they also shove the dildo up asshole. Then,in a room filled with leather artifacts, mirrors and chains, the smooth bottom later straps on a harness to hold a buttplug up his ass while sucking the other`s big hard-on and having his tits played with.Two hung and defined men (Dean Chasson and Mike Delfino) jack off while watching a porn movie in The Nave Hitchhiker. Blowjobs are shared through their jeans before ass-fucking and huge cum loads are initiated and licked clean.Pumping Iron takes place in the weight room. Here, a bearded, hairy, macho man gets a rim-job and a butt-fuck from a smooth bodybuilder. In this long and interesting session, they alter mutually jack off, suck cock some more, finger-fuck rears, and cum a second time.New Recruit has a redheaded young man (John) who takes dick in the mouth and up his ass by two grunts (Mike Savage and Chuck Reddy). Army clothes stay on as a threeway ensues into orifice-choking. Larger-than-life close-ups capture cumming on faces and into open mouths as the three men group on the bunk beds and jack their dicks off.

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