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Hot Buddies 5 Lost Innocence










Jet Set Men


The supremely young and hung's escapades. Young puppies playing over uncut boners can make any pet lover hot with desire for studs like the ones in this film. Where do they get these boys? Right away the movie opens with two young men playing pool and staring at the balls on the table like they were the last testicles on earth. The stick in each boy’s hand is quickly replaced by another "stick" in a frenzy of face sucking, body rubbing and ass licking. Are you hot yet? You should be after watching these two. Alone they might be enough to get your rocks off right away. Three scenes follow the first one. Unfortunately the director didn’t get very creative in set design. Straight out of an Ikea catalog come three bedrooms, three beds and six boys. All three couples are cute, tight, and passionate about making you believe they are really into each other - and it’s hard to tell that some of the guys are actually straight. Make sure you look for the cock that’s bigger and more curved than a banana. What stood out about this flick is the face shot in the last scene. Kneeling over the face of a gorgeous little twink and shooting your protein pack all over him is hot as hell. For the icing on the cake, you’ll love the bottom boy licking the softening cock of the top boy after he cums. Something you don’t see in a lot of films these days.

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