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Hot Bodies



79 min.







Vista Video International


Mr. Williams chips away at his usual subtlety in "Hot Bodies" and gets right down to living up to the title: within the first few minutes, he shows us one of his men, tall, blond Mike, totally naked. It's a welcome departure, not only because Mike looks amazingly good naked, but because in the past total nakedness can be rather rare, and sometimes fleeting at best from director Ron Williams.
That is certainly not the case with Mike, who appears first in full firefighter gear but in no time has stripped down to white briefs under a shower. When he peels down the sopping garment, his uncut dick in shot in tight close-up -- and then, as if to surprise us even further, he gives it a couple of tugs with his hand. Mike is one of four studs who grace this flick. The compact cast allows for a lot more footage of each guy in solo scenes and group shots. The group scenes show them off at the beach, playing volleyball, and a VistaVideo trademark, changing clothes in public (Mike again -- and I love that this gorgeous man has absolutely no qualms about getting totally naked for the camera).

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