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Hard As Rock



1 hrs. 23 mins.







Man's Best


Man's Best of Germany brings you the hottest young European guys in this outdoor sexfest Two military men are hiking in the mountains. They take a break and sunbathe nude on blankets on the ground. The warm sun and soft breeze stiffen them! They reach out and help each other and stroke their penises. Then a cute blonde comes over and sees them both with erections. He takes the chance and lays his blanket down next to them. He starts to move and they set off a chain of deep sucking and butt hole licking. The blonde plunges his dick into one of the guys, while the bottom sucks his mate. One of the soldiers shoots his load and leaves his mate to the blonde, who sucks him to climax. The other two hikers exchange saliva and rub their nipples as they do it. The cute blonde begins by sucking on the man's nipples while rubbing his mate's crotch. He unzips his pants and begins sucking through his underwear, forcing a large, hard penis down his throat. The blonde then returns the blowjob with a tongue bath on his partner, and the two move to 69, slurping each other's erections. The blonde gets on all fours and offers his ass for rimming. He then finger fucks his mate and slams his dick into the love pucker; the two then stroke themselves until they reach a gooey climax! Two other youths are strolling down the hillside. When they realize that no one is nearby, they decide to make out and get naked under the blue sky. And soon one of the two is munching on a nice, uncut cock. Then the two move indoors and fuck in the doggy position, climaxing with the younger one with his dick in her ass.

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