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Dirt Bikes










Falcon Studios


FUCK TRUCK: A couple of horny good ole guys, out for a Sunday ride in their pickup, snatch young Luke from the country roadside and speed off to a deserted farm, where they subject him to the meanest dicks in the county for a fuck'n suck session on the flatbed of their "Fuck Truck". A handsome businessman gives some expert "toilet training" to two young, cock-hungry dudes who encounter him, in a public men's room; these toilet-trainees get worked over by his stud meat and leave puddles of their loads all over the linoleum. Ever fantasize about having that monster dick of Blueboy's Steve York? Allow yourself to experience his genuine foot of tool with the young co-star of this popular release. York proves, once and for all, that, yes, his super cock really is that big! A couple of big-dick hunks spot a very good looking young hitchhiker and offer him a ride in their pickup. These fuck hungry men man-handle their guy toy with their combined 20" inches of hard meat before leaving him sweaty and cum-soaked in the dust as they drive off. A pair of sweaty and sex-revved bikers drop in on a buddy for a beer cool-off. But before you can say, "Make mine a bud", the three of them are sweating up a storm of hot, fast, down 'n dirty, F&S sex under the sun.

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