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Coming Out New York Style



1 hrs. 3 mins.







Bijou Classics


Don't miss out on this narrated BIJOU classic that takes all of the hot action to the Big Apple. With FIVE different explosive stories, watch as coming out fantasies from various lifestyles unfolds before your very eyes. In the Theater Distrcit, a virgin young man gets seduced in a porno theater by the manager and gets a long, foreskinned boner shoved down his throat and up his ass. On 6th Avenue, a swinging businessman fantasizes about the elevator operator in the office, humping his hard over a desk chair on the floor. In Central Park, a hunky, pumped-up man cruises a defined runner and invites him home for sex. The ethnic-looking and hairy man 69s with the runner on his sofa and jacks off a load in the guy's face and mouth. Finally, a a black office worker orders a 30-something sailor from a dating service and fucks his motuh before having him eat his own cum off the floor. The black dude ends up shoving his huge cock up the dude's furry ass until he blows a load. A BIJOU Video exclusive. Starring Guiseppe Welch, Lee Richards, and Brian Haines. Also with Steven Manly, Nicky DiRoma, Jojo Pollo, Jay Williams and more!

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