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All Worlds Video, Channel 1 Releasing


Chi Chi LaRue gets these dick loving studs to get man meat any way they can! The video starts off with a blonde Jackson Price bitching about his lack of sex life. So he goes and rents three different types of videos. The first serves up a 70’s look with the guys going at it straight away. Kissing starts the hot action off before Logan Krewe dives face first onto hairy chested Evan Taylor's huge piece. Evan does the same to Logan’s log before tongue diving in his ass crack. They turn in a 69 of ass eating and cock sucking. Evan pops his tool into Logan’s love canal for some ass pumping. The two spill their boy butter. The second vid has the old stand-by locker room scene with the coach and jock. Daddy looking Lance Gear has to have Chad Hunt's huge cock. Chad has a lot of stress going on before the prom, so coach Gear offers up a rub down and we all know what that leads to. Sex, sex and hot sex! The friendly coach chows down on the whopper with zest. The coach offers up his muscular butt and the good student licks the butt hole clean. They suck off each other’s poles before the good coach takes it like a man and receives the massive cock in his hungry ass. Mason Jarr is lying in bed stroking his beautiful cock. The handsome Lane Fuller comes in and needs to taste test the pretty pecker. The men kiss sweetly and Lane goes back to massage Masons meat with his wet mouth and then sticks his tongue up his crack. Lane takes a seat and bounces on Mason s cock. Then blondie Jackson is awoken by a knock on his door. His new neighbors just happen to be Logan and Evan! They said they spotted him at the video store and wanted to know if he wanted to watch videos with them. Liars! They wanted a three-way with the new neighbor. The three kiss, suck cock and Krewe finally gets to hump both of the gents, leaving Price with a much better disposition then at the beginning of the video. Hot, sexy and fun!

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