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Chicago Bearfest










Catalina, Channel 1 Releasing


'The contest is just about to get underway. The stage manager Bill is busy making sure everyone is in place and ready to begin. A call comes to Bill from his buddy Mike, announcing he's got a hot guy (Nick) who wants to be in the contest. Bill says it's too late to be in the show, but to 'come on down and have a taste' and see about entering next year. Nick is a little disappointed that he cannot be in the contest, but that doesn't stop him from chewing on Mike's tool, until he shoots a stream of thick cum. Meanwhile, the contest gets under way. It seems as though Anthony has gotten lost back stage. Bill directs Anthony to the nearest opening: his mouth. He then engulfs Anthony's uncut and hung cock, before giving him a good face-fucking with his own piece of Bear meat. Assistant stage manager Vinnie is only doing his job when tells Russ that he's checking to see if he needs anything. Russ lets it be known that what he needs is Vinnie's cock shoved down his throat! Vinnie obliges by dropping his pants. Russ obliges by dropping to his knees. Vinnie then gives Russ' ass a tongue bath, before chewing on his tits, causing him to spurt a juicy load. The wannabe contestant, Nick, has found his way to the event. It is there that he runs into camera man Robert. Paul wags his hairy ass in front of Nick's face, and Nick can't help but to munch-a-bunch-a on Robert's hole. Robert takes Nick's cock with gusto and they both work up a mighty sweat, before it's back to work. Vinnie and Bill have made their way back to their brownstone apartment. The contest is over and a winner has been chosen. They agree that everything went really well. Vinnie reminds Bill of his promise to take care of him at home. 'We're home now,' Vinnie's says with a sheepish (bearish?) grin. Vinnie takes care of Bill's cock, while shoving a finger up his ass until he blows a load all over his bear belly.

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