Choke 'Em


71 min.





All Worlds Video



Basically a glorified solo, there's a hot and hung stud for every taste here. Director Dirk Yates burst on the scene a while back with his amateur tapes of real Marines spanking it for the camera. Now he's turned his attention to showcasing some of his "finds," as well as some established stars.
The well-built, well-hung pug-faced Gino is featured in this and the two sequels as he plays a brutal nery sergeant intent on kicking ass and getting some too. This first video features Tristan Michaels, the 13" Bam and the incredible Jordan Rivers. (Jordan now works in straight films under the name Julian, mainly with Jill Kelly).
When the lights go out, the sheets get pulled back, the boxers come off and thick, full s come to attention. The camera cuts pretty even handedly from guy to guy in their respective bunks, while lingering a bit on Bam and (thankfully) the devastating, drop-dead stunner Jordan. Short movie, but woo-hoo, did I get off! All in all pretty standard stuff, but I'm giving it major bonus points for giving us (and me!) our first look at Jordan "Cums In" Rivers.